Linked by Metin Amiroff on Tue 20th Apr 2004 17:30 UTC
General Development N|vu is a web development application with a WYSIWYG interface that is aimed to be user friendly, easy and powerful, sponsored by Linspire. This review looks at this program in detail and aims to help users to get an idea about it.
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Re: anti-WYSIWIG elitism
by John on Wed 21st Apr 2004 20:00 UTC

- Complex layouts can be hell to code by hand, especially when you're dealing with tables (and nested tables and col/rowspan'ing).

But you shouldn't do that, unless you still need to support Netscape 4...

I totally agree with Spark here. Tables had their time. They can still be useful but not for creating layouts. CSS gives web developers a lot more power and are supported enough to be used.

I agree though that it might be very handy to have a tool to graphically design layouts. However, since NVu doesn't seem to have layer (div) support, it makes it a non-starter for me. ;)

I am developing Dynamic Architect ( ) which is totally WYSIWYG even for creating Dynamic JavaScript Code. Web developers may not agree with its philosophy but we believe anyone should be able to create its own web page, even if he/she doesn't like technology or doesn't want to spend time to learn complex languages and notions and worry about inter browsers incompatibilities. You may want to give it a try.

- Not all WYSIWYG editors are Microsoft FrontPage - Dreamweaver, for example, produces code that's pretty bearable.

I have to agree here, Macromedia has done a great work enhancing its generated code. However it is far from being able to correctly render all the CSS and is sooooo slow to load!