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General Development Garbage collection (GC) is a technology that frees programmers from the hassle of explicitly managing memory allocation for every object they create. Traditionally, the benefit of this automation has come at the cost of significant overhead. However, more efficient algorithms and techniques, coupled with the increased computational power of computers have made the overhead negligible for all but the most extreme situations.
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by Zachary Pinter on Wed 28th Apr 2004 02:45 UTC

Thanks for the compliments and critiques everybody. I apologize for any specific details I might have overgeneralized. I certainly do not claim this to be a comprehensive analysis, but rather a "glance at" or introduction. The article was actually a final paper for my Science of Computing class I just completed. I'm eager to hear any further ellaborations or corrections on the material you might have. The different applications and approaches of this technology fascinates me.