Linked by Tony Bourke on Thu 29th Apr 2004 19:08 UTC
OpenBSD OpenBSD is a name synonymous with security, having earned the respect and adoration of security-concious sysadmins everywhere. OpenBSD is used in data centers all over the world, is the basis for several security products (from OpenBSD's site), and is even the basis for Microsoft's Services For Unix.
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by Brian P on Fri 30th Apr 2004 04:47 UTC

i learned pf first and then iptables, after doing so i certainly appreciated pf's readable grammer:-) it was quite simple and easy to use, i didn't have to patch a custom kernel, build modules, and userspace tools. i do realize that it's not netfilter's fault that everything can be right there out of the box(patch-o-matic). i thought that editing two files and using pfctl to be dream come true:-) i also like how openbsd handles file immutability. i can set a file to be immutable and the only way it can be changed is if you drop to runlevel 1 all the while pf is still routing traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!! in linux you just have to be root and run chattr:-( oh well, sorry for the rant:-)

i love linux however i appreciate the way some things are done in openbsd that make it easy to use and are security focused