Linked by Tony Bourke on Thu 29th Apr 2004 19:08 UTC
OpenBSD OpenBSD is a name synonymous with security, having earned the respect and adoration of security-concious sysadmins everywhere. OpenBSD is used in data centers all over the world, is the basis for several security products (from OpenBSD's site), and is even the basis for Microsoft's Services For Unix.
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RE: no way
by Anonymous on Fri 30th Apr 2004 17:28 UTC

"Sorry, this security-conscious sysadmin has 0 interest in openbsd."

Well then, don't read the article, and don't comment on it. I'm a little tired of all the Linux commentary, but I don't comment about that on their threads.

You have a choice - read it or don't. Nobody will care. Leave those of us who DO read it alone.