Linked by Paul Pianta on Tue 4th May 2004 18:45 UTC
KDE This article aims to provide an insight into some aspects of KDE usability as seen by a long term Gnome user making the switch, as well as provide a mini-review of SUSE LIVE CD 9.1 - including the obligatory screenshot of course!
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by Anonymous on Tue 4th May 2004 19:29 UTC

> I'm not sure if it is too early for any Ximian magic to show up in this release, but it sure feels like it's there.

So if something is good, it must have been Ximian? Thanks for your trust into KDE's (and SUSE's) developers. :-|

> The Konsole 'Settings' menu has many options that are equally accessible through choosing the 'more instinctive' 'Configure Kopete ...' menu item.

You mean "Configure Konsole..."? You're wrong. The "Configure Konsole..." settings apply to the whole application. Many/all(?) settings in the "Settings" menu apply to the current visible session, eg each session can have a different font or have a short/no/long histor.

> could all be integrated into a single menu item named 'Configure Window Layout ...'

A single menu item? Calling a dialog!? Not without "..." and in submenu?

> This would not only reduce the menu clutter but would also help to maintain consistancy across all KDE applications.

These entries *are* consistent across all KDE applications. And same entries are grouped, eg see in Konqueror Settings/Toolbars, where appropriate.

> I could not find the configuration option to get rid of this side toolbar.

"Window/Show Navigation Panel" in Konqueror. And other GUI mode in Kate - and you're sure that you don't want just KWrite?

> this would indicate that the majority of the population have adapted to browsing tabs at the top of the window.

And web pages are read top-down while in shells and chats you most times focus the bottom. That's the reason and this is usability! ;-)