Linked by Paul Pianta on Tue 4th May 2004 18:45 UTC
KDE This article aims to provide an insight into some aspects of KDE usability as seen by a long term Gnome user making the switch, as well as provide a mini-review of SUSE LIVE CD 9.1 - including the obligatory screenshot of course!
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Why all the dizziness?
by Zeke on Tue 4th May 2004 20:06 UTC

"While on the topic, there is just something about those photo images of a screwdriver and wrench on the KDE Control Centre splash page that just makes me feel dizzy. I have to remind myself each time I go there that I am actually in the year 2004 ... not 1984!"

and what is wrong with a picture of a screwdriver and a wrench? What is a wrench and screwdriver not futuristic enough or what? I don't understand why it makes him dizzy, and he didn't explain why very good either. Maybe he blacked out because he was too dizzy and forgot to explain it? j/k

re: Rayiner Hashem

"For Konqueror, the left-sidebar is optional (just right-click it and click 'close')."

yeah but try and keep it closed. I had a heck of a time trying to find where to keep it from coming back. I think you should beable to right click on it and select "Enable Sidebar." If you disable it it pops up a dialog telling you where you can find the option to re-enable it if you want it. Once I figured out how to disable it I found out I rather missed it once in a while so I have it set to be there but not be open by default.

re: dr_gonzo

"ximian's "industrial" theme makes gtk apps fit in well with plastik. tis a pity that the 2 best linux desktop apps in linux ( and firefox) aren't written with qt"

I personally like the QT-GTK engine so all my GTK apps are in Plastik ;) As to OO.o in QT, SUSE ships with a QT-ified version and OO.o 2 will bring Toolkit abstraction so a 100% QT (or even KDE) version will be possible. This work is being funded by Novell and you can find more info (as well as build the QT-ified version shipping with SUSE 9.1) at