Linked by Paul Pianta on Tue 4th May 2004 18:45 UTC
KDE This article aims to provide an insight into some aspects of KDE usability as seen by a long term Gnome user making the switch, as well as provide a mini-review of SUSE LIVE CD 9.1 - including the obligatory screenshot of course!
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re: Anonymous Reader
by Zeke on Tue 4th May 2004 20:28 UTC

I don't think that starting full screen is all that bad. You can't really play a game and multitask so why do you want it windowed? I also believe there is a quit entry in the menu so it shouldnt be that hard to figure how to exit. If they really couldnt figure it out they just start hitting buttons until they get out. Eventually they will learn that the Escape key is pretty standard for those things, just like you have to learn that the power button turns your tv on and off.

re: dr_gonzo

I really have no idea, hopefully soon. It doesn't seem to have a very open and active development like KDE does.

That is one thing I like about KDE, I can go to and find out what is happening in the world of KDE everyday or go to and see what has been finished in the KDE 3.3 features list, read the KDE developers blogs to see what is going on there, or get a weekly wrap up by reading the KDE-CVS digest. I haven't found anything like this in the GNOME camp besides the occasional Miguel or Havoc (that is *the* coolest name, btw) blog entry. Does anyone know where equivalents are for GNOME?

Anyways, back to OO.o, I think they are more or less in the planning phase right now or just finished with planning. I think it is a ways off before 2.0. Like I said, I'm no expert on the subject, so correct me if I'm wrong.