Linked by Paul Pianta on Tue 4th May 2004 18:45 UTC
KDE This article aims to provide an insight into some aspects of KDE usability as seen by a long term Gnome user making the switch, as well as provide a mini-review of SUSE LIVE CD 9.1 - including the obligatory screenshot of course!
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Re: KDE SMB Support
by David on Tue 4th May 2004 21:30 UTC

KDE SMB support works fine, and it works better if you have Samba configured and you are in a domain. At least browsing works in KDE, unlike Windows!

The usability things with Konqueror and network browsing have bothered me a bit. The Services etc. menus are good, and they can split the great options up nicely, but the home directory, devices and network browsing should all be integrated into one pane - rather like Xandros have done. Everything is just there for you to get work done.

Another thing that needs to be looked at is the ability of a user to share their files and folders, like on Windows. You can't keep entering the root password to update smb.conf. Users should be able to share their own files and folder without interference on a network user basis, but of course, still not be allowed to share anything else on their system. The KSambaPlugin looks good for all of this!

I thought that the article was pretty good overall, with some good pointers (good general usability overview - no nit-picking). From what I have seen the new Control Centre draft and work-in-progress looks great. The whole point of the Control Centre initially was to give good power to the user in a usable form, but in the process it has become crowded and disorganized.