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KDE This article aims to provide an insight into some aspects of KDE usability as seen by a long term Gnome user making the switch, as well as provide a mini-review of SUSE LIVE CD 9.1 - including the obligatory screenshot of course!
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Remainder on buying SuSE
by Anonymous on Wed 5th May 2004 07:10 UTC

If you are interested in getting SuSE 9.1 but have an issue with the price: Get the Update. The update will have a double sided DVD as well (one side 32bit, the other 64 for Intel + AMD). Further, there are the 5 CDs as well. This is not an update in the true sense but the full thing software-wise. The difference to the full version is that you will only get one manual about an inch thick instead of two. Since I already have the full 9.0, I bought the update this time round.

Apart from that, I am very impressed how this release has another noticable boost in polish + integration. Samba is at 302a, Firefox + Konqueror have Macromedia and Flash right there, etc... many nice little things. I absolutely agreed that the difference to 9.0 is not suffient enough, but hey, I couldn't resist.
Allegedly, a SuSE-guy is reported to have said that the FTP version will be out within two weeks this time; I will wget that nonetheless to give away to friends who don't have the band-width.