Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Mon 10th May 2004 18:41 UTC
Xfce Before we begin, here's what XFce's website has to say about itself: XFce is a lightweight desktop environment for unix-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. It's based on the GTK+ toolkit version 2.
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it could be improved :)
by gunnix on Mon 10th May 2004 19:07 UTC

I really like XFCE but there are some simple things I would like to see improved. FOr example I really like the icon plugin to replace the taskbar. But you can't right click the icons and close an application =/. That's 1 easy to solve missing feature.
And XFFM could be greatly improved to I think.. like the author said it doesn't look like 1 solid application. It can be polished and they will do I hope.

On my old computer the rollout menu's (there's a better word for it ;) are too slow, windowmaker is much more responsive (166mhz,64mb ram).

Overall it's really great and with time and some effort it'll become even greater.

PS: thx to the XFCE creators ;)