Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Mon 10th May 2004 18:41 UTC
Xfce Before we begin, here's what XFce's website has to say about itself: XFce is a lightweight desktop environment for unix-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. It's based on the GTK+ toolkit version 2.
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by dpi on Mon 10th May 2004 23:31 UTC

"What does it matter? I'd be impressed if you could still buy below 1Ghz in most shops now they are so cheap. Plus, XFCE doesn't offer anything near to the facilities that KDE and GNOME do. In any practical scenario, you're going to be running KDE and GNOME applications anyway."

Are you gonna pay some 1 GHz CPU's, motherboards and RAM for the non-profit organisation i volunteer for? We're already very thankful for receiving any 2nd hand computer part for free.

"Memory is dirt cheap now, there's no reason not to have 512Mb"

Makes only sense for middle class people. Not for poor people, semi-middle class, loads of non-profit organisations, 3rd world countries, homeless people...

Really, i think you do not have the slightest idea of how much "dirt cheap" to some is. It means that "dirt cheap" RAM, 1 GHz processor, huge HDD to stick tons of media/warez on and KDE/GNOME are simply _not_ an option.

"I do not see why you would want to use XFCE to give you a partial desktop environment to work with."

Same as with KDE, it is extremely easy to customize lightweight, basic programs in XFce4. Programs like: a screensaver, a file manager, mounting a floppy, a webbrowser, an e-mail program. With the exception of a user-friendly & fast (not yours, but my definition applying on the hardware i'm talking about) browser.

Finally, wouldn't you rather give away your old P1/200 + 32 MB RAM + 1 GB HDD, which has no value to you anymore, to someone who has NOTHING at all? Including a user-friendly DE with it? Those are the situations i'm speaking about, and there's only one user-friendly _and_ lightweight DE which makes this possible IMO: the one we're discussing.

Don't make it apply to much to your own living standards. Don't forgot there are people in this world who are far, far worse off than you are. Like i said, to each his/her own.