Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Mon 10th May 2004 18:41 UTC
Xfce Before we begin, here's what XFce's website has to say about itself: XFce is a lightweight desktop environment for unix-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. It's based on the GTK+ toolkit version 2.
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RE: bob/dpi
by chazwurth on Tue 11th May 2004 03:04 UTC

It really does make a difference, particularly in the non-profit world. Ever tried working on a project that requires workstations but has a budget of -- LITERALLY -- zero? Scrounged 266 MHz machines with 64 RAM each are a godsend in that situation, and it's nice to have an operating system and desktop environment that can use them to their fullest. Not everyone is a home user or a corporate office; sometimes there really is no money at all for bigger and better machines. You might be surprised by how many non-profits are trying to eke whatever they can out of terribly outdated hardware because they just can't get anything better. The great thing about Linux+Xfce in such situations is that many of these organizations need workstations to perform several specific tasks over and over again, not to be versatile desktop machines. With the right software, such machines can actually do what these organizations need.

That aside -- Xfce has its uses on modern hardware as well. Not all of us like to use desktop environments that are feature-rich even on fast(er) machines. Although I use Gnome almost exclusively on my laptop these days, my desktop (an AthlonXP 2000+, 512DDR) runs Xfce almost always. I just don't need anything more on that box.