Linked by Rahul Gaitonde on Mon 10th May 2004 18:41 UTC
Xfce Before we begin, here's what XFce's website has to say about itself: XFce is a lightweight desktop environment for unix-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and lightweight, while still being visually appealing and easy to use. It's based on the GTK+ toolkit version 2.
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by gunnix on Tue 11th May 2004 08:57 UTC

I'm interested what distribution and browser you install on those old computers?

By the way... people saying buying new hardware is not expensive... Most people don't need new hardware for what they do on a computer. The most useful things can be done without much processor speed. That said I'm also against buying new hardware and throwing away old working hardware polluting our world... There are people who "need" it for their job but a lot just think they do ;) . It's good when those old computers are given to poor people though.

These light and speedy apps like XFCE, etc. are the future. Also if computers would only use as much power as they really need for what they are processing (hope so in the future)... then those light apps would use less electricity , and you get less wasting of energy in this world. Ever tought of how much electricity those computers waste ? =/