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Geek stuff, sci-fi... The Cambridge University mathematician laid the foundation for the invention of software. As part of its anniversary celebration, BusinessWeek is presenting a series of weekly profiles for the greatest innovators of the past 75 years. Some made their mark in science or technology; others in management, finance, marketing, or government. In late September, 2004, BusinessWeek will publish a special commemorative issue on Innovation. Elsewhere, there is also a special article for Turing.
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Turing vs. Zuse...
by smashIt on Tue 11th May 2004 19:30 UTC

"In 1935 a course by the Cambridge mathematician M. H. A. (Max) Newman introduced Alan Turing to the frontier of research in mathematical logic"

The Z1 was built from '36 to 38 and im sure Zuse needed more than one year to come up with the Plans for this 40000-parts beast.
And if I'm not istaken the allies got hold of one of the enigmas in a post office (waiting for being shiped), disassambled it, documentet everything and reassambled it so the nazis wouldn't notice.
After that they just built their own enigma from the documentation they had. (thats what I've learned about the Enigma)

Could anyone tell me what Turing did exactly, the links in the article don't realy say anithing besides how great Turing was.
(please correct me if I'm spreading FUD, because history is not one of the topics I'm good in)