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Geek stuff, sci-fi... The Cambridge University mathematician laid the foundation for the invention of software. As part of its anniversary celebration, BusinessWeek is presenting a series of weekly profiles for the greatest innovators of the past 75 years. Some made their mark in science or technology; others in management, finance, marketing, or government. In late September, 2004, BusinessWeek will publish a special commemorative issue on Innovation. Elsewhere, there is also a special article for Turing.
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Re: RE: Alan Turing and the "Turing Test" (@Michael Wassil)
by Devon on Wed 12th May 2004 01:35 UTC

--- "A sow's ear is still a sow's ear even if I am totally convinced it's a silk purse."

What if it were made of silk and was sewn into a purse, and otherwise looked and worked so much like a silk purse that you could not tell the difference in any way?

--- "The Turing Test is based on the fallacy that intelligence is a direct result of complexity, that if we can create a computer program so complex that it can fool us into thinking that it possesses inherent intelligence, that it then does possess intelligence."

Isn't that what our brains do? Who says intelligence is anything more then highly complex computation?