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Geek stuff, sci-fi... The Cambridge University mathematician laid the foundation for the invention of software. As part of its anniversary celebration, BusinessWeek is presenting a series of weekly profiles for the greatest innovators of the past 75 years. Some made their mark in science or technology; others in management, finance, marketing, or government. In late September, 2004, BusinessWeek will publish a special commemorative issue on Innovation. Elsewhere, there is also a special article for Turing.
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re:Turing's Mathematics
by anon on Wed 12th May 2004 18:00 UTC

>> Could anyone tell me what Turing did exactly <<

Well.... although Turing built upon Godel's work, in some ways it was Turing who destroyed HIlbert's theorizing, not Godel - Turing's work in a sense is arguably more fundemental than Godel's - he not only got Godel's result as a corollary but he also showed that there could be *no decision procedure* - seriously deep............ - and what a lovely insight - lets all apply Cantor's diagonal procedure to the computable real numbers ;)