Linked by Metin Amiroff on Thu 20th May 2004 20:00 UTC
Original OSNews Interviews Today we interview two of the most popular artists in Linux world of art. Everaldo Coelho from KDE and Jakub Steiner (Jimmac) from the GNOME camp. Currently Everaldo works for Lindows inc. and Jakub works for Novell inc. They were very kind to answer our questions related with the art in Linux, its future and much more.
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Re: Eugenia
by Another matthew on Fri 21st May 2004 00:41 UTC

Yeah but I wrote entities, not tags, and the preview was different to what was posted. It seems that ampersands are converted to "[ampersand]amp[semicolon]" which is a fair assumption when trying to clean up html but it's more correct to make the change only when the ampersand isn't followed by characters and a semi-colon.

I'm a long time reader of the site. It's no big deal, I just hope my svg icon code was readable.