Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 21st May 2004 01:17 UTC
Mono Project The tomato war between Red Hat, Novell and the developer Gnome community about Mono and its legal safety continued today. Novell's Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza replied to yesterday's editorial by Red Hat's Seth Nickell. Later, Red Hat's Havoc Pennington replied to Nat and Gnome's Andrew Sobala also threw a few (metallic) cents too. For future episodes, bookmark PlanetGnome (unverified rumors circulating on IRC claim that eggs might be used next if there is no sign of their lawyers meeting with Microsoft to try to give an end to the saga). In any case, you don't want to miss this.
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Miguel should expect resistence
by anon on Fri 21st May 2004 08:54 UTC

Gnome was started in order to prove a Free as in Freedom desktop when KDE could not be considered to be one. I find it very strange that Miguel now activily wants to showhorne Microsoft technology into it that will stop it being Free, thus breaking the core philosophy of the project. He should expect resistance to this, Free Software is still afterall actracts most developers due to it's philosophy of providing Freedom, and the developer benefits that creates.

Certainly create Mono to help migration to Linux from Windows but keep it seperate from the desktop like Samba and Wine. I suspect that Microsoft submitted it to the ECMA in order to create the reverse effect, providing an enticing one way door to Windows, like they tried to do to Java with J++.

As for the amount that we should fear Microsoft using their patent portfolio against Free Software we have already seen them do this as one of the major backers of SCO, so yes we should be afraid. Especially as this time they would have some kind of substance behind their claim. This is, remember, a company that will use any tool it has, legal or not, to destroy or cripple anything it sees as a threat. And they see Linux as a threat.