Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 21st May 2004 01:17 UTC
Mono Project The tomato war between Red Hat, Novell and the developer Gnome community about Mono and its legal safety continued today. Novell's Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza replied to yesterday's editorial by Red Hat's Seth Nickell. Later, Red Hat's Havoc Pennington replied to Nat and Gnome's Andrew Sobala also threw a few (metallic) cents too. For future episodes, bookmark PlanetGnome (unverified rumors circulating on IRC claim that eggs might be used next if there is no sign of their lawyers meeting with Microsoft to try to give an end to the saga). In any case, you don't want to miss this.
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RE: import dotnet; community.split(); stdin.close()
by clausi on Fri 21st May 2004 13:13 UTC

I like your summary, Fredrik. However, there's a fifth possibily, IMHO:

5. Reducing GNOME to a basic Desktop System and a basic Development Enviroment without Mono Dependencies, and just a collection of necessary "Getting started" applications: Panel, File and Window Manager, Terminal, Editor, etc.

This way, GNOME can continue and people can use whatever they like to use. Additionally, if Microsoft one day decides to go after companies or individuals using Mono, the GNOME desktop remains unaffected and a few applications can be replaced rather easily in the distributions.

Also, distributions are free to use a "GNOME extended" version including apps like an eMail client, browser, etc. even if they depend upon Mono.