Linked by Eugenia Loli on Fri 21st May 2004 01:17 UTC
Mono Project The tomato war between Red Hat, Novell and the developer Gnome community about Mono and its legal safety continued today. Novell's Nat Friedman and Miguel de Icaza replied to yesterday's editorial by Red Hat's Seth Nickell. Later, Red Hat's Havoc Pennington replied to Nat and Gnome's Andrew Sobala also threw a few (metallic) cents too. For future episodes, bookmark PlanetGnome (unverified rumors circulating on IRC claim that eggs might be used next if there is no sign of their lawyers meeting with Microsoft to try to give an end to the saga). In any case, you don't want to miss this.
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RE: Its not fair, but its ok, I'll still love you anyway...!
by Shapeshifter V.90 on Fri 21st May 2004 17:26 UTC

Yeah, its not a fair comparison. But, for the moment, its how I operate, and how a few people I know operate, so its a fair comparison.

I, for one, have no intentions - ever - of dropping back down to a low-level language like C again unless its last-resort time. I don't do system programming. C#, Python, does everything I will ever need; the growing crowd of free libraries assures this. Trying to make me drop down a level for no reason is simply unacceptable. Yes, I'm a hobbyist. I'm one of those whacky crazy-go-nuts coders that likes writing plug-ins and little utility applications. I'm not a massive corporation with "you HAVE TO DO IT THIS WAY!"-style deadlines. I'm just a hacker.

If Mono went away tomorrow... well, I'd just use DotGNU, actually! I hadn't thought of that until just now. They really need to do s'more publicity. I keep forgetting they exist. Its like, Mono has a public roadmap, slick website, "public" betas every two or three weeks, you know, to let you know they're alive, but I actually haven't seen a DotGNU release since... uhm... shoot, January? Hm.

I guess the whole comment is moot. ;)
But once you read it, you can't unread it!

When you're a professional, sure, coding is about picking the right tool for the right job; but when you just like to hobby/hack, only your favorite language/runtime matters. ;)