Linked by Tyler Bancroft on Tue 25th May 2004 06:41 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE SuSE Linux 9.1 is the followup to an excellent desktop distribution. SuSE gave me the opportunity to use SuSE 9.1 Professional for a couple weeks. This is a review/personal thoughts on the distro.
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RE: @Anonymous
by Anonymous on Wed 26th May 2004 01:39 UTC

Ray, you have far too much time on your hands.

"If you think that a corporate decision to implement a Linux roll out will be based on this review, you are showing your ignorance. "

I do make those decisions and I assure you I am reading every review that google finds on every distro of Linux (including Mandrake which you appear to favor) as well as talking with all vendors, reading research reports and installing every version I can get my hands on in a test environment. Tyler's review reinforced my findings and if I can find 10 other reviews that either reinforce or challenge my own observations, then I have more confidence in my immediate exposure to the OS. Even if this review is only a fraction of one percent of the whole decision making process, it is still part of the process.

Do you make buying decisions for your work? Are you tasked with weeding through the overwhelming plethora of contradictory information of why one version is better than the other? People are very passionate about their Linux and I am trying to make an unbiased assessment of the options available to me. Why must you criticize others for taking to time to write a review and share their experiences? If you are not happy with a review then write your own. If you donít make decisions in a corporate environment, donít pretend that you do and assume you know what information others use to make their decisions. I can only guess that the guys paying for the bandwidth of this site would like others like me to find their site in a search engine but if all I get is the same rants and tirades from Linux zealots partial to their own favorite OS within reviewer comments, why should I come back?