Linked by Tyler Bancroft on Tue 25th May 2004 06:41 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE SuSE Linux 9.1 is the followup to an excellent desktop distribution. SuSE gave me the opportunity to use SuSE 9.1 Professional for a couple weeks. This is a review/personal thoughts on the distro.
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All reviews glossing over one point !
by Anonymous on Wed 26th May 2004 02:11 UTC

OK the better distro's have all improved dramatically in most aspects except one - getting new applications software onto your system.

SuSE is a very polished disro now, easily interchangeable with Monoply$oft's offerings but what will drive non tech obsessed users nuts is lack of availability of applications prepackaged in the rpm format SPECIFICALLY for this distro.

e.g. New version of Mozilla comes out, you got 2 choices, wait for someone to indulge in the fiddly technical process of packaging it for you or try (& fail many times) yourself.

I eventually gave up on rpm distro's & switched to slackware that, thanks to the excellent 'checkinstall' tool, allows me to take the sourcecode of any new application & create a slackware installable package with absolutely minimal knowledge in the majority of cases.

I know I will be flamed by the tech obsessed who think creating rpms is easy but I point out that it is not easy for a new user & requires far too much geeking about.

This is the next challenge for Linux.