Linked by Tyler Bancroft on Tue 25th May 2004 06:41 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE SuSE Linux 9.1 is the followup to an excellent desktop distribution. SuSE gave me the opportunity to use SuSE 9.1 Professional for a couple weeks. This is a review/personal thoughts on the distro.
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Re: sad
by Daan on Wed 26th May 2004 09:38 UTC

1) Does the home-user care about account passwords anyway? How many XP Home users have protected their computer with a password?

2) Real professional users could also use Solaris. Now what is the biggest problem?
A. Needing to use YaST to switch to md5 passwords (SuSE)
B. Needing to create the (undocumented) file /var/sadm/webstart/.nodisplay to be able to finish the installation if your video card isn't supported (Solaris)
C. Not being able to install custom NIC drivers, because the network configuration wizard throws away all third-party drivers (Solaris)
D. Having any Linux live CD trash your OS because it looks like swap space (Solaris)

3) How much would it cost to license DVD playback for unlimited computers?

1. No; Not many.
2. B, C or D.
3. Much, I would think. And this is necessary because you are allowed to install your SuSE copy on an unlimited amount of computers.