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SuSE, openSUSE SuSE Linux 9.1 is the followup to an excellent desktop distribution. SuSE gave me the opportunity to use SuSE 9.1 Professional for a couple weeks. This is a review/personal thoughts on the distro.
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You can still copy SuSE CDs...
by Anonymous on Wed 26th May 2004 10:16 UTC

Whilst you were busy deleting my post, I was busy debunking some of your favorite arguments:

It has been said SuSE can't be copied for it carries stuff like Nvidia drivers, Java, etc...

Well, go do the drivers download section of NVidia an search their license document, with Ctrl+F you will only need 5 seconds:

2.1.2 Linux Exception. Notwithstanding the foregoing terms of Section 2.1.1, SOFTWARE designed exclusively for use on the Linux operating system may be copied and redistributed, provided that the binary files thereof are not modified in any way (except for unzipping of compressed files).

... And in the readme:

Q: Why does NVIDIA not provide rpms anymore?

A: Not every Linux distribution uses rpm, and NVIDIA wanted single solution that would work across all Linux distributions. As indicated in the NVIDIA Software License, Linux distributions are welcome to
repackage and redistribute the NVIDIA Linux driver in whatever package
format they wish.

Do you acknowledge that it would be pretty stupid to not allow distribution of something that is in your best interest to be spread + and which you accordingly spread everywhere, anyways? I am even bored to check this for Flash , etc... it will be the same. I know 5 gazillion places and CDs from which this and other Software can be had -- if you really believe Macromedia is employing 10.000 lawyers who don't do anything besides granting the allowance to every last unimportant magazine to put their file onto the cover-CD, where they want this to be spread + had anyways, then you are utterly wrong.
And I am 110% sure that everybody using Linux here is having Decss for playing DVDs on their systems (this in fact may be an issue in certain parts of the world) -- yet you start freaking on copying a distribution where the stuff is actually meant to be had by the manufacturer..