Linked by Tyler Bancroft on Tue 25th May 2004 06:41 UTC
SuSE, openSUSE SuSE Linux 9.1 is the followup to an excellent desktop distribution. SuSE gave me the opportunity to use SuSE 9.1 Professional for a couple weeks. This is a review/personal thoughts on the distro.
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re: Daan
by Raptor on Wed 26th May 2004 15:36 UTC

What does any of this have to do with this article?

B. Needing to create the (undocumented) file /var/sadm/webstart/.nodisplay to be able to finish the installation if your video card isn't supported (Solaris)

Real professionals use the serial console to install Solaris. Or boot from CD1 to get the display firendly one. BTW most video cards come up as vga mode on x86. There enough install methods for installing solaris on a machine, real professionals would know that.

C. Not being able to install custom NIC drivers, because the network configuration wizard throws away all third-party drivers (Solaris)

man add_drv(1M). real professionals would use this. I am not aware of which Network configuration Wizard you are talking about. But Solaris has well documented interfaces for adding device drivers. Atleast adding a device driver doesn't mean recompiling the kernel.

D. Having any Linux live CD trash your OS because it looks like swap space (Solaris)

Well there is a partition ID conflict if you are running solaris and want to run linux on the same box you better know what you are doing. BTW linux distros shouldn't assume everything with a partition ID of 83 is swap space, they should use only swap space assigned to them during initialization/installs. Live CDs shouldn't even use swap on disk, they shouldn't touch the disks period, which distro's live cd does this, file a bug with them.

Well real professionals would know what they are doing and not just nitpick on silly points to troll on Osnews.