Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 27th May 2004 16:00 UTC
Fedora Core So, there it is, the highly anticipated second release of Fedora Core. Again, I wanted to wait for a few days for things to calm down,and again, I couldn't resist updating my production system within two days after the release. Well, I'm just a Linux junkie, i guess...
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idiot-proof solutiion to get netgear wg311 running on FC2
by Anonymous on Thu 27th May 2004 17:33 UTC

Any definitive howtos, FAQs, articles to get wg311 without trying a zillion sugestions? Not a flame, but you'd think that with the benefits of pnp, non-exotic hardware detection and installation would be a top priority for a major desktop-oriented distribution. (Maybe I'm wrong and wireless detection is not a top priority, must-have feature. In all fairness, MDK 10-com. doesn't detect it either.)

Assuming this quote, found on


Some vendors refuse to release specs or even a binary linux-driver for their WLAN cards. This project tries to solve this problem by making a kernel module that can load Ndis (windows network driver API) drivers. We're not trying to implement all of the Ndis API but rather implement the functions needed to get these unsupported cards working."

is true, does it imply that major linux distros will not have out-of-the-box wireless configuration (read - requires reverse-engineering hacks) as long as vendors refuse to release specs?

Linux loading NDIS drivers sounds like someone is asking for trouble.

So in conclusion, are there any DEFINITIVE instructions how to detect, configure, and use a wg311v2 on either FC2 or MDK10c, using kernel 2.6.x, or do I have to implement a hardware solution. The hardware solutions is idiot-proof, and works as expected/advertised (encryption etc) but it costs money.