Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 27th May 2004 16:00 UTC
Fedora Core So, there it is, the highly anticipated second release of Fedora Core. Again, I wanted to wait for a few days for things to calm down,and again, I couldn't resist updating my production system within two days after the release. Well, I'm just a Linux junkie, i guess...
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Re: this isnt legal
by teknishn on Thu 27th May 2004 19:26 UTC

For mp3 it is legal. DMCA covers encryption circumvention. MP3 is widely and wildly available and there are no encryption mechanisms. If they had MP3 support unlicensed in the distro it would be copyright violation. Thus, they link you to it and you can be the one violating the copyright and not them.

DVD is another story since it has CSS encryption. You won't see Fedora or any other distro linking to a website that will fix your DVD playback. Why? because thats not copyright violation its encryption circumvention and they will get owned via the DMCA.