Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 27th May 2004 16:00 UTC
Fedora Core So, there it is, the highly anticipated second release of Fedora Core. Again, I wanted to wait for a few days for things to calm down,and again, I couldn't resist updating my production system within two days after the release. Well, I'm just a Linux junkie, i guess...
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by Ano Nymous on Thu 27th May 2004 20:04 UTC

I upgraded my old laptop (P2 300Mhz, 128megs) from rh9 to fc2. Well, actually I reinstalled since upgrade crashed repeatedly. I tried using cds and network. I dont' remember what the problem with cds was but network install crashed without any apparent reason and filled the screen with random letters (wtf?).

So I reinstalled. That worked better. But using gnome is just painful, I mean, even more painful than before. Opening a gnome-terminal takes ages. Switching between two gnome terminals also takes ages but while I wait I can at least watch the screen redraw.

I mean, wtf are they doing? Things get slower with each new release. I remember doing actual work on a P1 100Mhz 48 meg laptop running rh5 and it worked just fine, except that back in those days netscape's (4.something) table rendering wasn't too good, but otherwise it was just fine. Admittedly I wasn't using gnome on it but WindowMaker (which I always seem to go back to after trying something else). All these new and shiny DEs are just too slow for me, even on a fast machine with a lot of memory.

Another idiotic thing is doing the rpm transactions in one huge step instead of many small ones in the installer. The result is that you need to have a lot of memory or your machine will be swapping swapping swapping swapping swapping...

And wtf is the thing with stuffing all the oss found on freshmeat and sourceforge into the distro? The minimum install without X is ~500M. I have linux running on my ipaq with networking, ssh client&server etc and it's around 8M.

I'm glad others are complaining about these things too. There's been quite a bit of discussion on fc mailing lists lately.