Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 27th May 2004 16:00 UTC
Fedora Core So, there it is, the highly anticipated second release of Fedora Core. Again, I wanted to wait for a few days for things to calm down,and again, I couldn't resist updating my production system within two days after the release. Well, I'm just a Linux junkie, i guess...
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Decent review...
by Tuishimi on Thu 27th May 2004 20:54 UTC

...overall I agree. I did, however, seem to have deeper issues with my hardware during installation. I have a WDC 120GB hard drive and when I accept the defaults for a workstation (or any install I believe) and allow the configurator to do the partitioning... inevitably I get a BAD error that one of the files cannot be written (disk too full or hardware failure).

I manually partitioned the disk serving up 5GB chunks to the various system directories, and leaving the remainder for /home. This worked fine (since nothing installs to /home).

It happened with both ext3 and reiserfs. Seemed MUCH worse (happened earlier) with reiserfs. Now, however, my machine is up and running with a bunch of smaller reiserfs partitions.

Once it was up and running I tweaked a few things, added some basic multimedia software and away I went. Works like a charm (except for that darned gst-thumbnail consuming CPU cycles issue)!

I really like FC2: it looks great, feels good and runs smoothly! It won't replace my beloved BeOS and my Mac with OS X yet, but I am keeping it around and following the future development of FC for sure!!!


PS - sorry I do not have more info about WHY I was getting the failures.