Linked by Christian Paratschek on Thu 27th May 2004 16:00 UTC
Fedora Core So, there it is, the highly anticipated second release of Fedora Core. Again, I wanted to wait for a few days for things to calm down,and again, I couldn't resist updating my production system within two days after the release. Well, I'm just a Linux junkie, i guess...
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RE:Good Review, But Bug Needs Fixing!
by HeLLL on Thu 27th May 2004 21:07 UTC

Last night I finished downlaoding the Fedora 2 Core CDs and proceeded to install Fedora on my 2nd hdd (newly created partions. Before was an NTFS drive. Was removed under windows, Admin Tools).

/hda1 -->Windows XP 10Gb
/hda2 -->Games, Docs etc-->30Gb

/hdb1 -->/boot 76Mb
/hdb2 -->swap 512Mb
/hdb3 -->/ 4Gb
/hdb4 -->/home 1.2Gb

Fedora installed fine but when I tried to boot into Windows from Grub (hd0,0 norootverify chainloader+1) Nothing would happen. After some searching on the net I found the easiest way to comabt this was to go into my BIOS (AWARD) and change /hda to boot using LBA instead of Auto. I now can boot into Windows and Fedora.

Hopefully this will be usefull to anyon out there that had similar troubles ;)