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.NET (dotGNU too) DotGNU 0.6.6 has been released . Read the announcement here. It's been 2 months since the last release , threading has been rewritten twice , timers redone once , binary/SOAP serialization and lots of stuff done in Windows.Forms . This release includes Portable Studio IDE, MyXaml, Photo Tool (wx.NET), KDE DCOP Support, MDI and FileDialogs, Gtk-Sharp, Svg Rendering, XHTML Rendering .
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Re: More info on PNET
by tum on Sat 29th May 2004 19:58 UTC

How does this work, exactly? Do C programs have to use the Base Class Libraries, or can they use the standard (STANDARD) C libraries and still be compiled to IL bytecode, or what?

They can use the (STANDARD) C libraries (even non standard posix ones like pthreads can be used). The reason this is possible is because those libraries have been implemented (using a combination of C and C#) and compiled down to the managed pnetC assembly. Managed C applications will have have to distribute the pnetC assembly but that's no different from VB apps needing the VB runtime. Think of pnetC as the PNET/.NET equivalent of glibc. It's a completely managed assembly that implements C standard C functions.