Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sat 29th May 2004 15:39 UTC, submitted by t3rmin4t0r
.NET (dotGNU too) DotGNU 0.6.6 has been released . Read the announcement here. It's been 2 months since the last release , threading has been rewritten twice , timers redone once , binary/SOAP serialization and lots of stuff done in Windows.Forms . This release includes Portable Studio IDE, MyXaml, Photo Tool (wx.NET), KDE DCOP Support, MDI and FileDialogs, Gtk-Sharp, Svg Rendering, XHTML Rendering .
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by Chris on Sun 30th May 2004 09:19 UTC

"pnet will compile faster because it's written in c instead of c#"

It seems to me statements like this keep coming and keep getting refuted. Doesn't this fall into the same category that "jit'd programs will always be slower than compiled ones"? Now I don't write compilers - and I'm probably just an average programmer that leaves most of the low level stuff to talented people that do write them. But could you say why this is so? Doesn't speed come from the number of optimisations and other features of the compiler? Maybe compilation is slower because of all the necessary checks to ensure the .net code.