Linked by Bryce Harrington on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 17:15 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces I had to reread Bulia's email three times. It was one of those nigh-mythical events that you read happens in Open Source projects, but never see in person. Yet, amazingly, here it was, and I knew Fred's patch would instantly double Inkscape's utility.
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Re: Inkscape is cool
by Don Cox on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 20:30 UTC

"but doesn't hold a candle to Illustrator, Freehand, or even Corel Draw yet. In particular, it's text over path tools aren't up to par with commercial vector packages."

There is something sad about the laborious re-invention of the wheel for each new platform. So far as I can tell this program does (nicely) what Pro Draw did (nicely) on the Amiga 12 years ago.

I look forward to when Linux has caught up with other platforms and we see some programs that are not just repeats.

This is not a criticism of the coders of Inkscape - the program is obviously needed. But what a pity Java didn't work - there should by now be dozens of totally cross-platform programs coded in Java.