Linked by Bryce Harrington on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 17:15 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces I had to reread Bulia's email three times. It was one of those nigh-mythical events that you read happens in Open Source projects, but never see in person. Yet, amazingly, here it was, and I knew Fred's patch would instantly double Inkscape's utility.
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RE: Don Cox (IP:
by BR on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 21:16 UTC

"This is not a criticism of the coders of Inkscape - the program is obviously needed. But what a pity Java didn't work - there should by now be dozens of totally cross-platform programs coded in Java."

The pitys not that Java cross-platform clients didn't take off, but that the mantra of cross-platform coding (irrespective of language) didn't take off (something about "money" I think)

Also the wheel get's reinvented because some "don't want to" port. Not that they can't. That only leaves two choices. Do without, or write their own.