Linked by Bryce Harrington on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 17:15 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces I had to reread Bulia's email three times. It was one of those nigh-mythical events that you read happens in Open Source projects, but never see in person. Yet, amazingly, here it was, and I knew Fred's patch would instantly double Inkscape's utility.
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When get a good browser plugin?
by mabhatter on Thu 3rd Jun 2004 06:15 UTC

The biggest thing I see holding SVG back is a lack of a good OSS browser plugin for it. If you look at what Adobe's or Corel's can do it's amazing. zoomable maps with links, animated office plans, real time graphs from data, and those are just the sample files...they can make beautiful animations that are pure scripting and have the client side do all of the heavy lifting...server side is no worse than generic PHP.

The only tools that make or display that level of SVG are their own tools....SVG has been around for years!!!! if these guys want to see it grow they're going to have to get involved on the browser/client end also. A brower that could handle SVG without plugins would be way cool [lay out page graphics with no jpegs or gifs at all!]'d be able to do all sorts of cool stuff [sure you can use scripting now, but with SVG properly, it could all be CSS & XHTML]...of course it'd pretty much be alone because nobody else does that yet.