Linked by Bryce Harrington on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 17:15 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces I had to reread Bulia's email three times. It was one of those nigh-mythical events that you read happens in Open Source projects, but never see in person. Yet, amazingly, here it was, and I knew Fred's patch would instantly double Inkscape's utility.
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RE: mabhatter
by BR on Thu 3rd Jun 2004 07:37 UTC

Well, last I checked. There was only one working on it. The OSS world needs a bit more "looking over the shoulder". The work the scribus people are doing on PDF is impressive. The work that everyone's doing on SVG (from Batik on down to Gnome) needs to be closer knit. The work that the people are doing on SWF needs to be brought in, as well as what Cairo is doing. Doing your own thing is nice, but sometimes collaboration and extensive sharing is even better, especially when working on something complicated.