Linked by Bryce Harrington on Wed 2nd Jun 2004 17:15 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces I had to reread Bulia's email three times. It was one of those nigh-mythical events that you read happens in Open Source projects, but never see in person. Yet, amazingly, here it was, and I knew Fred's patch would instantly double Inkscape's utility.
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I might be the only one, but..
by Michiel Buddingh' on Thu 3rd Jun 2004 17:47 UTC

.. I like Sodipodi's interface better. I understand that it's confusing to work with for people who don't use the programme all that much, but, speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in Sodipodi, it's wonderful. Most actions are only a mouse click away.

I understand that people have put a lot of effort into the new Inkscape interface, and it certainly seems friendlier and less eccentric. I just object to people who characterise Sodipodi's interface as 'hard to use' or 'not user-friendly', as I suspect it is the result of quite a bit of thought.