Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 6th Jun 2004 18:09 UTC, submitted by Gürkan Sengün
OpenStep, GNUstep There is a new version of the GNUstep LIVE CD, version 0.5. All GNUstep was software updated, and alot new GNUstep software added. New game: Supertux. Debian GNU/Hurd K6 mini iso included. LaTeX, TeXmacs, Emacs added. TV software. Web browsers are dillo and links2. QTParted.
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There are other themes
by Abraxas on Sun 6th Jun 2004 21:07 UTC

Writing a new theme for GNUStep would be a one man-month job.

Someone has already done that.

I haven't tried it yet though. GNUstep apps are pretty ugly but it hasn't bothered me enough to warrant changing the theme. I do think it would be a good idea to modernize the default theme though. It couldn't hurt, and it wouldn't be a big deal to do. Have you seen how beautiful GNUstep apps look on OSX?