Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 6th Jun 2004 18:09 UTC, submitted by Gürkan Sengün
OpenStep, GNUstep There is a new version of the GNUstep LIVE CD, version 0.5. All GNUstep was software updated, and alot new GNUstep software added. New game: Supertux. Debian GNU/Hurd K6 mini iso included. LaTeX, TeXmacs, Emacs added. TV software. Web browsers are dillo and links2. QTParted.
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GnuStep was always hobbled, I believe, because no one wants to deal with Objective C. Yes, it may be easy to learn and powerful, but its world is too narrow

Personally, I think that if a person chooses to not use a technology that is both powerful and easy to learn, that it is not the technology that is narrow, but rather the mind of the person making the choice.

When you considder how many C programmers and libraries there are out there, your argument really ceases to make a lot of sense, as ObjC is not that hard to learn when you already know C.