Linked by Eugenia Loli on Sun 6th Jun 2004 18:09 UTC, submitted by Gürkan Sengün
OpenStep, GNUstep There is a new version of the GNUstep LIVE CD, version 0.5. All GNUstep was software updated, and alot new GNUstep software added. New game: Supertux. Debian GNU/Hurd K6 mini iso included. LaTeX, TeXmacs, Emacs added. TV software. Web browsers are dillo and links2. QTParted.
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RE: Ugh!
by Nicolas Roard on Sun 6th Jun 2004 23:13 UTC

Eugenia, before starting to "improves" OpenStep, we first need to have a good implementation of it ... Doesn't it make sense ? Keep in mind that OpenStep API are really good -- Apple didn't change them, they just added new classes.

Saying that this GNUstep live CD is just linux with wmaker and gnustep apps and thus not innovative could be true; but you could also say that MacOSX is just BSD plus OpenStep plus a compatibility mode for old MacOS apps, and thus not really innovating either. GNUstep architecture is quite flexible, and could be a testbed for new ideas -- I sure hope it will be anyway.

As it is a free software project, sure, it's an hobby for most of the coders working on it. What's wrong with that ? It would be good if there were more companies working with GNUstep technology, sure (even if there are a few already). It would be good to have a major corporate support and money flowing around us. But how could you critic the project for not having that ?

Else, it's not because the technology already exists or is "old" that it's a bad thing to want to have it -- OPENSTEP was way ahead of its time anyway. I much prefer it to what's around today -- it's not nostalgia, it's just that it was a better system.

Using linux as a kernel is a logical choice, as GNUstep focus on the application side, not the OS side -- anyway when/if Hurd starts to be useable, it would be easy to have a GNUstep port. In the meantime, using linux make sense.

Is GNOME or KDE bringing something NEW to the table ? I don't think so.