Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 28th Jun 2004 20:41 UTC
Slackware, Slax DistroWatch includes a quick how-to on how to update your Slackware 10 to use a newer kernel.
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Problems with Slackware
by heiko on Mon 28th Jun 2004 21:18 UTC

Anybody kows what I can do with these problems?

- After the installation and choosing dhcp for network my net connection worked fine. But after I cahnged the rc.d/rc.hotplug to non executable (I don't need the hardware detection for USB), the network stopped working (the eth module won't be even loaded). After changing it back to ecuxutable I get an IP adress from the dhcp server but the connection is incledibly slow. Is this a bug in Slackware or am I doing something wrong?

- It is not possible to change the keyboard layout to german in X. No problem in the console but when uncomment the correct entrys in xorg.conf to get the german keyboard layout it is still the US layout. Very strange.