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Slackware, Slax DistroWatch includes a quick how-to on how to update your Slackware 10 to use a newer kernel.
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RE: 2.4 tut...
by enloop on Tue 29th Jun 2004 00:00 UTC

Grab the source from, expand it initially in /home or /tmp, or any other place that's not /usr/src/linux (so you don't mess up the source tree of your existing kernel before you're ready). Read the readme and the other docs -- there're plenty of them. Check out the Linux Documentation Project ( for other info.

If you've never built a kernel, it isn't that difficult. Tedious, perhaps, because you need to follow the game plan precisely. Perhaps the most challenging thing for first-timers is knowing which configuration options to choose and which to ignore. Then, which to compile into the kernel and which to build as modules? Here's a little bit of advice:

--Know your hardware in detail.

--Unless you're a firewall expert, select all the iptables options and build them as modules (At least one popular GUI-fied iptables configuration goodie expects to see the modules and whines if they're in the kernel.)

--If you've got USB peripherals, consider building that code into the kernel. I've never been able to get my USB Intellimouse to work otherwise, and then it still needed the (wretched) imwheel.

--If you're inclined to play with compiler options to optimize things to death, wait until you've built and installed a working kernel. Things happen.

--Remember to rename your existing kernel and edit lilo.conf to offer it as an option, so you'll have something to fall back on if/when your new kernel goes belly up.

--And...don't forget to run /sbin/lilo.