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Editorial This article describes some of my annoyances in computing. If you had any problems reading this article, then skip this one. It will only be a waste of your time. There are a lot of annoying things in the wonderful world of computing. Of course, nothing is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to complain and scream and throw our keyboards at our monitors when yet another irritation pops up.
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come on this is stupid.
by peragirn on Mon 12th Jul 2004 13:50 UTC

Your computer should boot in 5 seconds, sure if all ou boot is dos. Fact When your computer boots in either windows or Linux, or Mac OS X it needs to load up a gig of crap nowadays.

Beos was cool that it could do it so fast, my only probelm with Beos, was drivers, and some extra software.

Use OS X or Windows. and don't turn off the comptuer, put it to sleep or hibernate. Linux is working on this. Your computer doesn't use a lot of power, and you get back up to where you were in a few seconds.

Trackballs aren't popular because they are harder to use, though some people like them. Fact is a good interface system has yet to be designed. Keyboards are good for lot's of text but are slow for large GUI's. pointers work well on large GUI's but suck for heavy inputting.

Your probelms is that you are still thinking that Hollywood computers are here. Fact is todays machines aren't very effeicent. There are to many bottlenecks, and the fact that nobody wants to drop old standards is part of the probelm. Macs have dropped propertiery connections now. They dropped floppy discs years ago. Intel motherboards still need PS2. most stil require parallel and Serial ports, though USB is far faster and easier to use and Firewire is even better. You want the next generation of stuff you have to pay for it, and be prepared to accept the change.