Linked by Thom Holwerda on Mon 12th Jul 2004 08:45 UTC
Editorial This article describes some of my annoyances in computing. If you had any problems reading this article, then skip this one. It will only be a waste of your time. There are a lot of annoying things in the wonderful world of computing. Of course, nothing is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to complain and scream and throw our keyboards at our monitors when yet another irritation pops up.
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RE: RE: RE: Wolfgang Schreurs
by Kevin C. on Mon 12th Jul 2004 14:23 UTC

"...a Mac will also work on my nerves, I'm sure of it. ;) ..."

Especially an iBook. The Mac way of doing things doesn't translate to portables quite as well as the Linux and Windows ways. Don't get me wrong though, its still BETTER then the Windows and Linux ways. ;) (In my most humble opinion of course.)

As someone who's recently bought an iBook, which is both my first laptop and my first Apple computer, I'm interested in hearing what advantages I'm missing out on by not having a desktop Mac. Care to enlighten me?