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Editorial This article describes some of my annoyances in computing. If you had any problems reading this article, then skip this one. It will only be a waste of your time. There are a lot of annoying things in the wonderful world of computing. Of course, nothing is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to complain and scream and throw our keyboards at our monitors when yet another irritation pops up.
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RE: CF doesn't improve boottime
by Daan on Mon 12th Jul 2004 17:33 UTC

What I mean is that in most operating systems, people don't optimize their code to be fast. Thus if you use CF now, your PC will be fast indeed. But if in the future everyone boots from CF, OS designers will also boot from CF. Then they don't feel optimizing is important anymore, so that the whole startup procedure gets ten times as bloated as it is now, and in the end the system still needs minutes to boot.

There are exceptions, of course, like RiscOS and maybe the Amiga. But those are also systems that are not very popular, the systems that are not used by those people who think Windows Media Player version 9 looks better than version 6.