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Editorial This article describes some of my annoyances in computing. If you had any problems reading this article, then skip this one. It will only be a waste of your time. There are a lot of annoying things in the wonderful world of computing. Of course, nothing is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to complain and scream and throw our keyboards at our monitors when yet another irritation pops up.
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boottime and others
by Yamin on Mon 12th Jul 2004 18:29 UTC

Well, I don't see any problem with boottime. I use hibernation all the time, with the occasional shutdown just to make sure. However, even a full restart goes pretty quickly.

There is one idea that I have not been able to find out there. Maybe I should code it up...This is the concept of a timed startup.

I have many applications that I would like to startup on each boot, but I don't really need them 0.01 seconds into a boot. These are things like MSN messenger, wallpaper changer...

Why don't any of the startup managers have like:
start program foo X seconds after boot
start program foo at least X seconds after boot when CPU usage < 50%

I dunno, something for the future I guess.
Other than that, what qualms to I have with PCs.

Boot loader? I don't see doesn't bother me

Mice? What's wrong with mice? My logitech optical runs fines even atop a ruffled up blanket.

Multi-funciton keyboards: Truth be told, I haven't ever used these. However, on the side of my laptop are "Mute, Volume up, and volume down" buttons. I don't think I could remove them. Its too convenient. Now if only there was a way to change their sensitivity?

Come to think of it, the state of computers is pretty good given the historical compatibility it has to carry along.