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Editorial This article describes some of my annoyances in computing. If you had any problems reading this article, then skip this one. It will only be a waste of your time. There are a lot of annoying things in the wonderful world of computing. Of course, nothing is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are not allowed to complain and scream and throw our keyboards at our monitors when yet another irritation pops up.
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Boot Time
by PlatformAgnostic on Mon 12th Jul 2004 22:46 UTC

It seems like boot time can be made faster for most OSs by extending the bootcache idea to write all of the boot-time diskreads to the outside of the platter and pick it up in one continuous transfer. To handle data that gets paged out during boot there could be an image of the freshly-booted swap on the harddrive. Upon shutdown, this swap image could be copied to the system pagefile to be ready for the next boot. This solution may be naive, and you still won't achieve instant-on because it takes a bit of time to initialize hardware, but some of that can be done while waiting for the memory to fill up from the diskread. Basically, I want bootup to be like resuming from hibernation, except with everything in a fresh state.