Linked by Michael Hall on Thu 15th Jul 2004 07:35 UTC
Slackware, Slax My first experience with Slackware Linux came with version 9.1, after 4 years of using various versions of Red Hat and SUSE Linux. I disliked the general direction these distributions were moving in and didn't see their increasing focus on the "big end of town" as auguring well for either myself or clients of my small one-person IT consultancy business. I quickly became a Slackware convert and have since used it exclusively for all my server deployments. Check in for more and 15 screenshots from Slackware 10.
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by Menno Duursma on Thu 15th Jul 2004 19:46 UTC

> Slackware is as capable a distribution as any,

Indeed. Thing is: you want your boxen/nodes to be as reliable as possible, but still be usable/manageable ...

> but Patrick V. has chosen another path.

Well, i'm currently a consultant for where i used to admin.
Slackware installations there ~700 running along fine, of which most have some years under the belt already (apporpriate patching here and there, ofcource.)

FWIW thing _i_ tent to install first: net-snmp