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Slackware, Slax My first experience with Slackware Linux came with version 9.1, after 4 years of using various versions of Red Hat and SUSE Linux. I disliked the general direction these distributions were moving in and didn't see their increasing focus on the "big end of town" as auguring well for either myself or clients of my small one-person IT consultancy business. I quickly became a Slackware convert and have since used it exclusively for all my server deployments. Check in for more and 15 screenshots from Slackware 10.
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I always have a good feeling about slackware cause I always get orientied in it although I have some problems with it.

In slack 10 I can't get sound play for 1 minute at xmms using alsa. K3b and mozilla doesn't work. But I know where are the files at least.

Now I replaced slack 10 with fedora 2. I have managed to install every package that I wanted but I can't get oriented at it. I still haven't found where is KDE in Fedora 2?(It is the first time for me using Fedora)

What I am missing about slackware is a detailed tutorial using slack as a server for small company for mail, web, sharing and firewall etc. I know these things are not very slack specifik but a tutorial configuring these programs in slackware is a must.

Regarding using slack as a desktop, I have never read a tutorial about it. I have made my notes so I can fix most of the things after a post install.