Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 19th Jul 2004 18:04 UTC, submitted by mariuz
Databases The Firebird Project announces the release of Firebird V1.5.1. this relese represents a committment by the project to develop and deliver ongoing improvements to this popular open source database engine.
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My experience
by fedetxf on Mon 19th Jul 2004 20:40 UTC

In my experience it is a great tool for several things:

- Learn RDB concepts like domains, transactions, foreign keys, contraints, etc. This applies to any RDBM, but this is extremely easy t install and administer.

- Really put in practice RDB concepts in a real Database. It's SQL support is extensive (hello MySQL!) and it's transactional model is quite similar to the SQL standar (not the MS-SQL / Sybase model).

- It just works and does the job. People use it in production with several users. It probably is slower than a fine tuned oracle or MS-SQL Server, but I can assure you it will be faster and easier to use than any of those out of the box. Big dabatases have tons of settings to fine tune the DB engine and many are specific to certain setups. FirebirdSQL has just 1 setting (the page size) and that is all there is to it. Any casual admin can get better perfomance on a FB installation than in an Oracle.